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The concept for the project was prompted by the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal. It made me feel vulnerable as a user & encouraged me to devise ways that give the power back to the users, enabling responsibility & awareness about mental well-being through content tracking & analysis. 


User interviews highlighted unawareness about media consumption habits as a result of technology being ubiquitous and a huge part of one’s daily life.

Design research, visual design, UI, identity design, style guide, motion design, interaction design, user testing

My role:

Solo Project


4 weeks, Spring 2017


Key tools:

Sketch, Adobe Illustrator,

Invision and Principle

Why is media consumption awareness important?

We are in the age of media overload

It’s hard to stay aware of what we consume and how it affects us

Our brain is attracted to troubling information because it has evolved to detect threats

This can lead to feelings of anxiety, depression, unhappiness and anger 

These feelings can affect our day-to-day life



How might we enable users to become aware of their media consumption habits and their effects on mental well-being, and empower them to engage in healthier, more constructive ones?

For Time Well Spent

“The internet is too distracting. It doesn’t help me achieve much right now. A lot of the times it makes me feel depressed, because I realize what I’m missing out on or I get too worried about something that might happen!” 

Lilia | 27 | UX Designer


To be the user’s voice of reason as they interact with different devices through the day, to consume media on the internet. Superwiser aims to keep the user aware of their media consumption habit and how it might affect them, by tracking their usage.

My role

Design research/ visual design/ UI/ identity design/ style guide/ motion design/ interaction design/ user testing

Link accounts

Link your digitial accounts

Metric based awareness

Choose a media

diet plan

Realize the quality of content consumed

Analyze themes behind consumed content

Quantitative analysis

Evaluate the time spent

Curated content suggestions 

Change consumption behavior

Link accounts

Face the voice of reason

Celebrate improvement!


Browser extension

Extend to other devices

Behind the design

Style guide


Logo iterations

Designed through constant user testing

Theme: Your inner voice

Objective: Feel comfortable yet nudged 

Home screen iterations

Intent: Have holistic impact with strong visuals and copy

Final Design

Iteration 1

Iteration 2

Iteration 3

Word lens screen iterations

Intent: Provide summary to realize quality of content consumed

Iteration 1

Iteration 2

Iteration 3

Final Design

Time spent screen iterations

Intent: Create awareness about online activity

Final Design

Iteration 1

Iteration 2

Iteration 3


User testing:





I tested the design for usability with 20 people at different stages of the process


Understand how the audience felt after seeing the visuals and how they interpreted them. 


Be careful and validate with heavy testing if designing against mental models & perceptions

Test with designers & the actual user

Don't only depend on user testing for usability, always check universally practiced visual design & accessibility guidelines



After revisiting the design, I realized that the communication of the impact of media consumption on mental health could have been much stronger. The lack of appropriate data to create the whole experience added to the weakness of communication. Given more time, I would work on strengthening this communication maybe by providing more context about the data. 


The project encouraged me to see, first hand, the purpose of different platforms and the gravity of impact it has on user’s social, emotional, psychological, physical and financial well-being. It made me realize the big responsibility I have as someone who defines the experiences for this impact.


“In the future, we will look back at today as a turning point when we moved away from technology that extracts attention and erodes society, towards technology that protects our minds and replenishes society”.


                              - Center For Humane Technology

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