Make Better Decisions To Grow

A personal finance management system that empowers young professionals to make

well-informed spending & saving decisions.

It is a connected ecosystem of a mobile app and a smart card that enables constant feedback at every stage of decision making, 

The Challenge

Your financial situation is affected by every single decision you make which leads to constant uncertainty and stress.

The Proposed Solution

Limit enables informed decision making by providing all information required to visualize impact at every stage.

Project Logistics

Research, ideation, rapid prototyping, user flows, UI, UX and user testing

My role:

3 Weeks


Key tools:

Arduino Uno, laser cutting, Sketch, Principle


Solo Project

Link accounts

Access all accounts

in one place

Set goals

Plan for

saving, easily

Visualize impact

Make spending decisions wisely

Smart card

Get constant feedback about budget from the Limit Card

The design process

Process Overview


5 users





Final design

User Interviews 

Decision making becomes hard because there is a lack of information and feedback about finances

"It is very hard to see how your choices affect your situation and especially your goal. All the calculation is hard and can easily throw you off track".

- Sid | 30 | Software Engineer

“The problem in managing your finances is that you have to be very proactive about it. You have to keep checking all your accounts, keep track of the budget in your mind".

- Mia | 27 | Grad Student

"Because you spend on things you like, you get an immediate reward out of it. While saving is a delayed intangible reward and hence is very difficult". 

- Linda | 38 | Product Lead

Current User Experience

Planning, calculating & visualizing impact are the big pain points for making any decision, big or small 



Users need easy access to information and help during the process of financial decision making, not just after


Easy access to all information


Compare situation with others


Pre-visualize  impact of decision


Tangibility in finances

Competitive Analysis

Majority of tools provide information after decision making

Identifying The Ideal User

Young professionals have little or no experience in making long term & short term financial decisions


Young Professional

Established Professional


Limit's Ecosystem


Rapid prototyping & testing

Arduino & More

Interactive card prototype

1. Material exploration

2. Arduino & Adafruit usage

3. Limit card prototype

4. App wireframes

5. App prototype

6. User testing

Mapping App Features

User Flow

Inspiration Board

User testing results


Achieving the experience of a seamless user flow was the biggest challenge that I faced during the project. Filtering and simplifying constantly reminded me of the iceberg model where the user experiences a simple and clear flow because the designer solves all the complications in the underlying design.


I also thought through some potential concerns with the design. What happens when the user spends mostly by cash? How then do you give them a clear picture of their finances? Moving forward I would definitely want to consider these concerns. 


Iteration 1

Iteration 2

Final Design


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